A downloadable game

In this rouge-lite all 4 players must fight their way through the room and then choose which power up to grab for the next room. At any point they can also choose to fight the boss.

The east teleporter increases the fire rate
The west teleporter increases player health
The north teleporter increases movement speed
The south teleporter increases the size of the players projectiles

The game requires controllers to play and is best played with an Xbox 360 controller
The left stick is for movement
The right stick is for aiming
The right trigger fires (hold for continuous fire)

After you have cleared the room you must vote for which teleporter to use
B for East, A for West, X for south and Y for North. Press once to say your vote then press again to lock in your vote.
If a consensus is not reached then the vote is reset.

You may also vote to fight the boss with the start button.